Sinks & Bowls

We are Plasterqueen, experts in designing and constructing contemporary, modern, and custom concrete slabs and sinks in El Paso, Texas. With our appealing and freestanding concrete sinks, you can quickly improve your kitchen and bathroom look and feel. Our concrete slabs and sinks items are handcrafted using only the greatest quality precast concrete, materials, and cutting-edge techniques.

With our bespoke concrete slabs in El Paso, Texas, you can ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are outfitted with a high-end slab that exemplifies great craftsmanship and adds individuality to your office and home. At Plasterqueen, we have developed a variety of timeless concrete patterns, colors, textures, and styles of handcrafted concrete sinks and slabs that are attractive, functional, and fulfil your current demands.

We offer a unique collection of concrete sinks in El Paso, Texas, to take your concrete sink idea to the next level, whether you’re an architect, designer, or homeowner. Our unique sinks, slabs, and water scupper collection include more subtle and minimalistic forms and colorful and bold designs that perfectly balance the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

At Plasterqueen, we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom and handcrafted concrete sinks, basins, slabs, and water scuppers in El Paso, Texas. Also, if you require any advice in selecting the right sinks and slabs for your residential or commercial place, our courteous and experienced staff is always ready to offer expert advice. Check the images of our unique and handcrafted concrete sinks and slabs.